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Upgrade, Maintenance, Management and Operation of Cretan, Continental Greece and Ionian 14 Regional Airports | Concession

Location: CLUSTER A: Kavala (KVA), Thessaloniki (SKG), Zakynthos (ZTH), Kefalonia (EFL), Aktion (PVK), Chania (CHQ), Corfu (CFU)]

CLUSTER B: Skiathos (JSI), Mytilene (MJT), Samos (SMI), Mykonos (JMK), Santorini (JTR), Rhodes (RHO), Kos (KGS)]


Main Contractor: Intracom Constructions Société Anonyme Technical and Steel Constructions (INTRAKAT)

Independent Engineer: AECOM Limited

Program Scope: Comprehensive plan for the modernization and development of the 14 Regional Airports. The plan includes works comprised by Imminent New or Expansion Works and Imminent Refurbishment Works and development works for upgrading the airports’ facilities, which will contribute significantly to improving the overall customer travel experience, while responding to the expected increase in passenger traffic.

  • 14  Airports to grow and develop
  • 22  Terminals to be built, expanded and/or refurbished
  • 4  Terminals to be demolished or decommissioned
  • 15  Runways and associated maneuver areas to be refurbished according  to EASA requirements
  • 14 Airports get Initially Certified according to EASA requirements  

Budget: Initial Capex of at least 415.0m EURO until 2021


  • Management Consulting Services
  • Project Management Consulting Services
    • PMO Coordination
    • Manage EASA Program Implementation
    • Support on Managing & Controlling Project Progress in relation to prescribed Timelines & Budgets.
    • Work with BUs to ensure that project tracking, reporting and communication practices on projects and BUs are delivered consistently.
    • Support on planning the Project Timelines.
    • Provide Direction, Advice, Counsel and Mentoring to Project Team.
    • Constantly Monitor and Report on Progress of the Project to all Stakeholders.
    • Present Reports Defining Project Progress, Problems and Solutions.
    • Project Evaluations and Assessment of Results.
    • Risk & Opportunities Management-Assessment.
  • Contract & Claims Management supporting services.
  • Litigations, Technical Dispute Resolution and Arbitration Proceedings support
  • Interface with internal and external stakeholders including Management, Partners and Contractors.
  • Coordination with Public Authorities & Institutions.
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