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It is observed too often companies to execute large scale projects without establishing a Risk Management Process that is able to identify, monitor, manage and mitigate potential risks. It is without said that a proactive Risk Management Plan is the key element for successful projects or programs.

risk-profit-diagramTo be effective the Risk Management Process, this needs to start as early as possible in the project life cycle so that strategic decisions (Go-no Go) and preliminary project approvals are made only after examining potential risks. PM-Partners assists in developing an integrated Risk Management Plan that provides the Client the necessary tools and procedures ensuring that all risks associated with the project are being addressed.

PM-Partners experienced professionals can provide throughout project life cycle specialized services such as:

  • Develop Customized Risk Management Plan, defining the way of conducting Risk Management Activities
  • Identify Risks related to Cost , Schedule , Scope & Quality
  • Analyze and Assess each identified Risk in terms of probability and impact on the project
  • Systematicaly Monitor and Control Risks
  • Devises suitable strategies for risk mitigation (elimination, reduction)
  • Identify, assess and implement all opportunities for improving results
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