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Construction Projects are of the most difficult and challenging endeavors. Independently of the size, projects are carrying Risks.

Even one mistake in any of the different tasks on a project can create big or small problems which may result in schedule delays and cost overruns. In the present competitive environment of projects execution worldwide, with the financial stakes so high, it is critical the project to be managed effectively in every step during its entire Life Cycle.

PM-Partners helping its clients to manage their complex and demanding projects on Time, within Budget and with the highest Quality.

PM-Partners provides a Dynamic and Professional Project Management Service to meet the needs of our clients.

We bring leadership to the project team and cultivate a positive and creative environment. This encourages innovation to flourish and provide the extra value that maximizes investment returns. In essence, PM-Partners provides constructive solutions. Building and positively sustaining project team relationships is the key to a successful project.

An extensive range of services is offered that can be adapted to meet the demands of the project, whatever its complexity.

In this initial phase, PM-Partners provides assistance to client to enhance the project’s apprehension, analyze and determine the objectives of the project with regard to Cost, Time, Scope & Quality specifications.

Issues that are confronted in this crucial phase are:

  • Understand the business case
  • Identify Stakeholders
  • Assess and Analyze the Project’s feasibility (Technical & Commercial) within given constraints , geographical & political conditions

Project Planning is of the most critical phase of the Project. Throughout this phase is determined what needs to be done, by whom and when in order achieve project goals. In the Planning Phase, the Enterprise’s goals, targets (objectives) are set to be achieved within certain Time, Cost and Quality Constraints. The strategy, processes to be followed are set in order to achieve the objectives. Project planning is inter alia the basis of Project Success. ‘’Failing to plan is planning to fail’’

Issues that are confronted in this crucial phase are:

  • Develop Comprehensive Project Management Plan
  • Define Scope (Scope Baseline)
  • Develop Scope & Change Management Plan
  • Develop Time Schedule (Time Baseline)
  • Determine Budget and Cash Flow Estimates (Cost Baseline)
  • Develop Cost Management Plan
  • Develop Cost Performance Plan
  • Develop Quality Management Plan
  • Develop Human Resources Plan
  • Determine Team
  • Determine Roles & Responsibilities
  • Develop Communication Plan
  • Develop Risk Management Plan
  • Identify Risks
  • Perform Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Assessment
  • Develop Procurement Management Plan
  • Project Permits Acquisition
  • Conduct BiDs
  • Contractors & Subcontractors Selection


In this phase the implementation of the project is managed by applying the Project Management Plans determined in the Planning Phase

Issues that are dealt with here are:

  • Technical Supervision of the works carried out to assure and verify their conformance with the project specifications, provisions of the Contract, the approved designs as well as with the State of the Art general principles
  • Contract Administration of the contracts between the Owner, the Contractor and the Subcontractors
  • Technical Support & Value Engineering
  • Communication Management among the Project Team, Project Participants (Owner, Subcontractors, Authorities etc) by organizing regular or ad hoc meetings, issuing Progress Reports
  • Perform Quality Assurance of the project by examining the Quality Control Plan application (regarding technical specifications, requirements, documentation, records keeping, certificates etc)
  • Health & Safety Management support, by inspecting the sufficiency of implemented protection measures at the worksite/s
  • Project Record Keeping and Documentation Management
  • Stakeholders Management


In this phase, PM-Partners monitors & controls the physical and commercial Progress of the Project Implementation in relation to the produced outcome and the project objectives (Scope, Time, Cost and Quality) and propose any corrective measures where is considered necessary.

Issues that are confronted in this phase are:

  • Measure Performance against the Baselines and other metrics
  • Monitor & Control Scope
  • Change Scope and Variation Orders Management
  • Monitor & Control Time
  • Monitor & Control Cost by systematic analysis of project expenditures , income and the associated cash flows
  • Monitor & Control Quality
  • Monitor and Control Risks
  • Evaluation and Analysis of Risk Impact
  • Proposals for Risk avoidance or mitigation
  • Determine Variances
  • Determine Corrective Actions
  • Create Forecasts
  • Report Project Performance


In this phase we take care for the final arrangement of all outstanding project issues, for the Project’s Technical, Commercial and Contractual Closure.

Issues that are dealt with here are :

the implementation of operational tests and reviews, the final arrangement of all financial matters, the conduct of temporary and final handover procedures, the documentation of project deliverables, the presentation of actual project performance data and the administrative project close-out.

More detailed:

  • Supervision of all required commissioning and operational acceptance tests/procedures to verify that works are accomplished according to project requirements
  • Supervision of the elaboration and delivery to the project Owner of the Final ‘’As-Built) Documentation
  • Technical Project Closure
  • Contractual Project Closure
  • Financial Project Closure
  • Conduct Temporary or Final Handover (from the Contractor) Acceptance (by the Project Owner) procedures
  • Issue Final Project Performance Report
  • Administrative Project Close-out
  • Perform Lessons Learned
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