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Cycladic Islands Interconnection with the Hellenic Power Transmission System

Cycladic Islands Interconnection with the Hellenic Power Transmission System

Project: DAPM99340 / 99341 / 99342 / 99343 – Cycladic Islands Interconnection with the Hellenic Power Transmission System

Location: Cyclades – Greece
Period : 2015-2017
Owner : Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) ADMIE SA

Contractor/s :  –       Prysmian Power link S.r.l (Group A  – Submarine Cable Link Lavrio SS – Syros SS)

  • Hellenic Cables (Group B – Submarine Cable Links Syros – Paros , Syros – Mykonos , Syros – Tinos & HV Cable Terminal in Tinos
  • Consortium ALSTOM Grid S.p.A – ALSTOM Grid Hellas A.E. (Group C – 150 kV GIS Substations in Lavrio, Syros, Paros & Mykonos)
  • Consortium ABB A.B. – ABB A.E. (Group D – Static Variance Compensator SVC)

Financial Institution : European Investment Bank (EIB) /  National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF)
Consultant : PM-Partners & Co LLP

Project Scope :

Entire Project Scope:  Engineering, Procurement, Civil and Electrical Works for

  • Project – Group A :
  • Construction of a AC submarine cable link 150kV between Lavrio and Syros (approx. 108 km)
  • Project – Group B :
  • Construction of AC submarine cable link 150 kV, 200 MVA AC cables between the islands:
  • Syros-Paros (approx. 46 km)
  • Syros-Mykonos (approx. 35 km)
  • Syros-Tinos (approx. 33 km)
  • Project – Group C :
  • Construction of four (4) 150/20kV GIS Substations at Lavrio, Syros, Paros, and Mykonos.
  • MV, LV Switchgear, Control – Protection – Automation and Telecommunication Systems
  • Project – Group D :
  • Construction of one Static Variance Compensator (SVC) -100/+250MVar at Syros Island

Maintenance for five years

Budget: 250 Mio€

Assignment / Responsibility:

IPTO Management Consulting

Reporting to the IPTO CEO, CFO, Division Heads and IFIs

Lead the Planning and Implementation of the Cycladic Islands Interconnection Project

Definition of Project Scope, Goals and Deliverables according to contractual obligations

Define Project Tasks and Resource Requirements

Develop full scale Project Plans

Manage & Control Project Progress in relation to prescribed Timelines & Budgets

Work with Operations to ensure that project tracking, reporting and communication practices on projects and BUs are delivered consistently.

Plan and Schedule Project Timelines

Provide Direction, Advise , Counsel and Mentoring to Project Team

Manage the daily operations of the projects

Constantly Monitor and Report on Progress of the Project to all Stakeholders

Present Reports Defining Project Progress, Problems and Solutions

Implement and Manage Project Changes and Interventions to Achieve Project Outputs

Project Evaluations and Assessment of Results

Contract Management

Risk & Opportunities Management-Assessment

Claims Management / Dispute Resolutions

Interface with internal and external stakeholders including Management, Partners and Contractors.

Enhance engagement delivery excellence by ensuring that the Project/s Team/s are enabled consistently to deliver engagements on time, within budget and with high levels of customer satisfaction.

Coordination with Public Authorities & Institutions


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